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3D Laser Scanning Project - Petroleum Site

Hello everybody, I found some useful forum threads to help with my troubleshooting in an ongoing project. Looking forward for some useful discussion here. I am Chris - GM at Avian Australia. We are a multi-disciplinary surveying, imaging and visualis...

laser-scanning-and-measurement 16FrancisStYarraville1

Is it just me, or do AC doors sort of suck?

I want a simple 4 panel door with a flat panel insert (or sometimes a V-grooved panel).The raised panels we've had since AC9 are terrible. The tool is desperately in need of an update. CI tools D+W builder does a pretty good job of it (if you don't m...

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 4.28.43 PM.png Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 4.06.38 PM.png

BIMcloud basic backup not working

Hi, I need help with performing backup for BIMcloud basic. I've encountered a problem with my BIMcloud. I've accidentally uninstalled everything without performing a backup first.So I've managed to pull everything back with the data recovery program,...

filip by Booster
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Opening Tool, sample/inject and favorites

It is frustrating that the opening tool allows for complex opening shapes to be created and then there is no way to save the opening for using it again - unless i am missing something.Sample the complex opening and I get a square one when I place the...

gdford by Expert
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Flythrough videos corrupted on Mac

Hi, When I try to create flythrough videos 4 out of 5 times the saved file is corrupted and can not be opened by any video editing software. Happens regardless of choosing .mov or .mp4 Have been trying on slightly older iMac as well as a brand new to...

replace window with door

I'd like to replace an element that actually is a window by a door, by changing the used library part.For replacing library parts window with window or door with door it works perfectly.But is it possible to change an element from window to door?My a...

Counters Disappearing

Some background: I work for a custom home building company and we draft in Archicad 24. We do custom files with our homes per purchase of the client. We show views of our counter tops on our permit sheets for kitchen and bathrooms. We have been using...

AS7 by Newcomer
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