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Layer Combination and Pen Set in the Layout Book

Archicad should have a place in the Layout Book for setting the Layer Combination and Pen Set. The Layout Book has a different Layer Combination and Pen Set that is separate from those that can be applied to and saved with Model Views. I think that t...

Wall, Roof and slab schedule of quantities

Hello, - When doing a wall schedule of quantity, the composition comes in the right order;- When doing a slab or floor schedule of quantity, it comes in random order, requiring us to go back into material setting and number them, so it comes in the r...

Hide all SAF definitions on Work Environment profile

That will be very befitting (according to others software definition like this, such as MEP items), if we could in "Work Environment" hide all SAF definitions/tabs. It's annoying as an architect open a slab tool definitons window (for exemple), and f...

Change manager username

Is it impossible to get Archicad to store shorter usernames for use with the change manager? My full name without spaces show up now as "Last modified by" and for the internal revision field for layouts it signs with my full name. I'd prefer a system...

ATS by Newcomer
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Resolved! Using custom image for shrub object

I am trying to use a custom image for the built in shrub object and the image I have loaded is not showing up on the object in 3D. The object just appears white. It even appears white if I don't use a custom image. The goal is to place a logo on the ...

brittsax by Contributor
  • 6 replies

Archicad 25 / 5010 and M1

I downloaded the latest build (5010) for Mac and its file name ends with INTEL. There doesn't seem to be any mention of whether it is compatible with M1 chips or an equivalent forthcoming M1 build coming out (I read somewhere during my search that th...

Labels with a data base

Dear communityHow do you put the labels on your details, are you drawing the details in 2D with the detail-marker? For example you've this wall:15mm plaster200mm XPS175mm brick10mm plasterHow do you put this information on your plan, because in a det...

bimdo by Participant
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