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Transparency 2d symbol

I am trying to change a 2d symbol of an object. I added a transparent shape and put it above a table. Unfortunatelly it is only showing up in the tab where I change the symbol. When I load this symbol to the project, it stops being visible. How can I...

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Eptar reinforcement and rebar tools

Hello guys,is there any experienced user of eptar reinforcement that can tell us about it's capabilities ?Can an engeneer used it for real projects and serious workit can do all reinforcement and rebar senarios ?is it linked to the model, if any chan...

Archicad crashing when any file is opened

Anyone have any ideas why an Archicad xrashing when i open any file, on a new windows with working new drivers, exatly the same version of Archicad working on this windows before. I install the same drivers and windows which were before that.

Atlass by Participant
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Detailed Parametric Windows (image shown)

Hi, Are there parametric windows as similar as own library but more detailed? Could I find in bimobjects? Whenever I find a windows it only comes with one type. I need to find windows which is most editable and detailed.


Archicad narrows the fonts

While typing the font looks normal, but as soon as I finish and the text editor closes the font is narrowed.I does the same thing with all fonts, even the standart ones as ARIAL. On the screenshot here I show how the same font looks while typing and ...


Detail Annotation

Hello. I would like to find out how others approach the annotation of detail drawings using 'out of the box' Archicad. To be clear, I am talking specifically about 2D detail drawings drawn using lines, fills, and objects either in the 2D detail or in...

MGA by Booster
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How to see the imported plans in 3d?

How to see the imported plans in 3d render or in the 3d views?I just imported a scaned plan in my project but is impossible to see it in the 3d view...Sommeone knows the solution?PS the same problem is with the 2d lines that is draw...

Text Missing From PDF

I am all of a sudden having an issue when publishing to PDF where the majority of the text on my sheets has disappeared. I have printed these sheets in the past with no problems until now. The font is nothing special 'Helvetica' that comes loaded on ...

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