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To change the language

I have installed Archicad, but it is in Egnlish, I need a Russian language version, how can I get it. I would much appreciate for your help. Many thanks

How to use Param-O Conditional Math Nodes

In Param-o, there are "equal", "not equal", "Lesser", "Greater" and orther Math Nodes that evaluate two values and return a true of false. What can I do with these? They seem to almost look like "if, than" conditional statements. Can I use one of the...

Home Story Name in Python

Hello, I noticed that the "Home Story Name" property in the General category is not accessible directly in Python, so I was wondering if there is something that I'm missing here. Could anyone please provide a sample code that extract "General_HomeSto...

Arash by Newcomer
  • 1 replies


Hi GDL experts, I have been reading about UI_CUSTOM_POPUP_INFIELD. I can get it to work in the Interface, however I am wondering how I can feed the result back to a parameter. For example: Interface Script:UI_CUSTOM_POPUP_INFIELD "MyParameter", 15, 7...

Resolved! Param-O display is not acting consistent.

It may be my programing, so I am posting screen shots. I am creating parallel bars that maintain a chosen width and spacing that allow the group of bars to stretch and change in number as needed. The Param-O 3D display shows the bars with proper size...

Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 8.45.14 PM.png Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 8.43.16 PM.png

Wall and Floor Framing with Curtain Wall: Tip

Hi, I've been playing around with the curtain wall tool for wall and floor framing. It's probably obvious to some, but some newer users might benefit. Using the boundary method on a floor plan, you can easily create a horizontal curtain wall that can...

CW-Framing.jpg Floor Framing_CW settings.jpg Floor Framing.jpg CW-Framing2.jpg
Jere by Contributor
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Composite not intersecting properly

Hi, I'm having an issue with a composite floor slab interacting with a footing. The footing consists of a simple slab with a "Structural Concrete" material. The floor slab is a composite with a 4" "non-structural concrete" material and a gravel fill....

Footing-1.jpg Footing-2.jpg
Jere by Contributor
  • 3 replies

upgrading advice from os 10.14.6 Mohave

Hello,Looking for advice on upgrading from OS 10.14.6 Mohave. Should I upgrade to Catalina or go straight to Big Sur.Specs on my system below. Working mostly in Archicad 24, 23 and a few projects still in 21. Hoping to start 25.Any thoughts/advice wo...

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Building Together digital event - watch the recordings!

GRAPHISOFT's Building Together 2021 conference for the AEC community took place in the virtual space last week. We invite you to watch the recordings of the keynotes, trend talks, testimonials, and roundtable discussions with leading architects, engineers, and scientists from all around the globe.

Topics addressed the most challenging issues architects and engineers face today, such as affordable housing, urban planning, landmark preservation, and the most exciting challenges in algorithmic design, digital transformation, and many more.

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You can still register, and log in to watch the recordings anytime.

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