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Read-Only Properties

Hello everyone, i'm a student working at an architecture bureau and im experimenting with the Python API and Archicad.Lately we've been trying to set things with the acc.SetPropertyValuesOfElements() method and while doing so we noticed that there ar...

Dayiz by Newcomer
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How do I PAN

There is no PAN button on the bottom of my AC24 screen. There used to be a 'hand' labelled button but it is no longer there.I've now noticed this because I used to depress the scroll wheel on my mouse. But I've just got a new computer and a K4 screen...

No Pan butto on my AC24 desktop.PNG
KeesW by Contributor
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DWG import to Archicad

Hello I am a long time user of Archicad but in recent years I have had issues with importing dwg files from consultants with lots of viewports / xrefs in the model space.What ends up happening is instead of a viewport in the model space being shown (...

PClarke by Newcomer
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One more problem about roofs

Hi I was creating a roof using multiplan complex roof method, one problem is in the red area showed in picture 1 and 2, the room wall is 2 feet lower than the other rooms, so I want to drop down this area root 2 feet, but I couldn't find the way if I...

Snipaste_2021-10-19_15-41-44.png Snipaste_2021-10-19_15-43-20.png Snipaste_2021-10-19_16-01-41.png

Beam overhead lines above ceiling

hello, everybody. I have such situation on the floor plan: 1.Floor(slab) - 2.cut plane above 1.Floor - 3.tilted beam above 2.cut plane - 4.ceiling(slab) above part of 3.tilted beam - and another part of 3.tilted beam above 4.ceiling. There is an over...

M1 Pro / M1 Max

announced today Any early adopters want to share their experience with this?Anyone from Graphisoft able to share the current status of M1 native Archicad?

Wendell by Participant
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Archicad 25 and Monterey

My 2016 MacBook pro laptop is dying; the battery is bulging and the keyboard is wonky. I am glad it lasted until today, when Apple announced the new version of the MacBook pro, so I can get a new laptop that won't be immediately obsolete. Of course, ...

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