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DWG's in general in AC

I'm working with DWG's as trace references, and I have a question: How come the DWG looks WAAY betterin DDSCadView than importet into AC? In the upper image, DDSCad is to the left, AC to the right. In the lower image, reversed. I have played with eve...

2021-10-24_12-01-58.jpg 2021-10-24_12-03-50.jpg
Kamelite by Participant
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Quick 2D Fill Preview like Surface Painter in 3D.

It takes long time while finalizing the 2D Fill pattern on the required area especially when trying to do some "2D Documenting Presentations" by using patterns like Pavement, Roof Tiles etc.There should be some quick preview method just like the 3D S...

How do I get/set profile modifier?

I am using Archicad 23.I want to get the settings from favorites, but I can't get the values of profile modifier.How can I get/set the value of all or a specific profile modifier?Please, help me. Here is the code. GSErrCode favtest() { GSErrCode err ...

arad by Participant
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Door bug when wrapping around frame

Hello all, I've somehow created two distinct doors and cannot find the difference in the settings between the two. The only difference I see is that the rough opening on one has an oversize and the other does not. Other than that the two doors are id...

Screenshot 2021-10-22 110722.jpg Screenshot 2021-10-22 110518.jpg

Best story to host 3D topography

Hello everyone!What is the best story to host 3D topography? Currently we are using our ground floor story (Level 0). This is fine but has a bit of risk, because if we change the height of the ground floor level it will also move the 3D topography. W...

Nik by Newcomer
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Most Challenging Model of My Life

Hello Community, We all know how designing and modeling is happening: We have a great idea and it makes us happy. Immediately we realise the geometry is pretty complex, or at least, nowhere near obvious how to model it. Panic! Let's do some research ...

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GRAPHISOFT's Building Together 2021 conference for the AEC community took place in the virtual space last week. We invite you to watch the recordings of the keynotes, trend talks, testimonials, and roundtable discussions with leading architects, engineers, and scientists from all around the globe.

Topics addressed the most challenging issues architects and engineers face today, such as affordable housing, urban planning, landmark preservation, and the most exciting challenges in algorithmic design, digital transformation, and many more.

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