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render save window extra large

Hello there! I have a “huge” problem, so please help me out!When I am finished with the rendering process and I would like to save my image the window what appears is extra large. Can’t fit on my screen — and I have a large screen. The saving window ...

Képernyőfotó 2021-12-02 - 17.00.58.png Képernyőfotó 2021-12-02 - 17.00.51.png Képernyőfotó 2021-12-02 - 17.00.43.png
Misse25 by Newcomer
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Change Element ID from a property

I have a file which came in through a Revit hotlink. All the objects have arbitrary IDs but have a property with the Revit family name which, in most cases, would make a good ID. I thought the obvious way to sort this is export properties to excel, c...

Automatically align 3D texture to 2D fill?

Just curious if Archicad 25 would finally have this long needed feature? Automatic alignment of 3D texture to 2D fill of that same surface material? I know we can align in 3D window but it's such an unnecessary work. There's gotta be a way to automat...

Capture d’écran 2021-12-02 à 10.20.18.png Capture d’écran 2021-12-02 à 10.20.31.png
amgam by Booster
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IFC and Uniclass 2015 classification

I have been going round in circles trying to get a model with its properties exported to IFC. I have managed to add the COBie properties and populating them with data which works fine when I export and then reimport the IFC to the properties come thr...

2D Object with Editable Text

Hi everyone I need some guidance on the following, I would like to make a simple 2D symbol (lighting related) with an editable text box next to either relating to a property, element ID etc.This is so I can change the text when necessary and don't ha...

project from 24 to 25

Hi everyone, Usually i keep the rule of keeping the project in the version i started it with but we we have this project at the beginning stages done with 24 but i think it would be good to have it in 25. We have 2 files in v24 , 1 for modules and a ...

Linking properties into GDL Parameters?

Hello there, i am looking for a possibility to link a property (made in Property-Manager) to a GDL Parameter, in my example I want to define the room number through a property.What I could already manage to link the element-id, under Parameterscript:...

Resolved! Advice needed

Hello I came back whit another small problem I encountered, I will add 2 picture and my question is how is it possible to make The A picture to look like the B picture. I mean how I can get that . Thanks in advance

A.png B.png

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BIM Manager Program is a place where you not only come to learn and obtain Archicad BIM Manager certification but meet other BIM enthusiasts from all over the world and exchange experiences.

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PREFAB 2030 - global architectural contest

ArchiFrame has launched a global architectural contest with the aim to collect innovative prefab ideas in form of a livable house design that makes the most of available building materials, embracing their creative and sustainable potential.

The contest registration period runs until January 12 and the winners will be announced in February 2022.

Prefab 2030

Detailed instructions and rules of participation can be found here.

Building Together digital event - watch the recordings!

GRAPHISOFT's Building Together 2021 conference for the AEC community took place in the virtual space last week. We invite you to watch the recordings of the keynotes, trend talks, testimonials, and roundtable discussions with leading architects, engineers, and scientists from all around the globe.

Topics addressed the most challenging issues architects and engineers face today, such as affordable housing, urban planning, landmark preservation, and the most exciting challenges in algorithmic design, digital transformation, and many more.

Enjoy the content!

You can still register, and log in to watch the recordings anytime.

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