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Calculate area in GDL properties script

Hi! For starters, I'm quite new to GDL. I have an object I made that is a slab accessory. How would I go about using the area of the slab (or the accessory, they're equal) in the properties script? Kind regardsKaj

Kaj_AL by Contributor
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exterior casing flipping between saved views?

First image is the first floor plan with the exterior casing correctly showing: The second image shows the first floor electrical plan with the exterior casing flipped inward on the opening: To my knowledge, the only thing I changed between the two v...

Elec-mvo-02.png Elec-mvo.png
proto by Booster
  • 2 replies

Select multiple objects in Grasshopper

Hi! EDIT: Managed to solve it, but keeping it here if anyone else needs help with this. Apparently groups need to be enabled for preselect to work, whether or not the elements are grouped. EDIT 2: I thought I solved it, and it worked with slabs and w...

Kaj_AL by Contributor
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Schedule: Sum Object Parameter from Multiple Instances

Hi all, Is there some way to sum a parameter from multiple object instances. Or someway to modify the objects script to enable the option, without resorting to excel(?)? Related thread:


Favourite Name as IfcType Name

Hi, Is it or will it be possible to get the Favourite name of an element as the IfcType Name? It would be great for information management in my opinion. Also, is there a way to see from what favourite an element on the model is? Thanks a lot! Best r...

MaFarine by Contributor
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Dimensions - Align & Distribute

maybe i'm doing it wrong, but I wish there was a way you could automatically align & distribute already placed dimensions.screenshot below of what happens when i try to distribute the 804 dimension to be equidistant between 697 & 894. AC doesn't allo...

Screenshot 2021-10-18 135752.png

Archicad 25 Crash on publishing

Hi all, I've just installed Archicad 25 and i'm having consistant crashes on my machine and all members of the team (5 people) Seems to crash on publishing to PDF everytime it gets to the section veiw sheets. I had the same issues with 24 when it was...

tomyg by Booster
  • 5 replies

rename multiple layers

valar morghulis, i want to change multiple layers name as like in autocad. we can add or delete some characters from layers' names in autocad. is there an equivalent of ...


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