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BimCloud Login name change

Should I, as a master admin, be able to change a users login name? I f**d it up a little, and somehow I can't change the usernames of newly created users. Users have not yet received their information, and neither have they ever logged in yet. Maybe ...

mikas by Advocate
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Archicad Solo Download

Hey All, I might be being really thick here but! I have a new computer and i need to transfer Archicad onto it (it will be the UK verision) - but i cannot find the link to the download Solo for either 24 or 25? Can anyone please point me to where it ...

Wish: more Application Request "LIBRARY_MANAGER" commands

I noticed that the 'Picture 24' library object has a string parameter input which also provides a nice list of all the images loaded into the user's library. According to this forum post, the parameter gs_picture_name has its values populated through...

s_p_b by Contributor
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Corrupted File: Cannot read Plan file ERROR

Hey guys.Im trying to open a important proyect and Archicad shows the messeage ''Cannot read Plan file''. I already tried the ''open and repair'' tool but it doesn't work. Also tried to opened on different computers and different Archicad versions bu...

Explode Into Current View, Turns Into Figure, No Vectors

Place as External Drawing or Drag and Drop PDFExplode Into Current View seems to make it from a "Drawing" object to a "Figure" object, without creating any vectorsTried "not keeping the original elements after exploding"Renovation Filters has show "n...

Custom-Shaped Window and Library Part Maker

How to make a wall hole follow the outline of a custom-shaped window using the Library Part Maker (LPM) add-on? I cannot find such an explanation in the Library Part Maker 25 User Guide:

Dalius by Booster
  • 6 replies

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BIM Manager Program - January 31

BIM Manager Program is a place where you not only come to learn and obtain Archicad BIM Manager certification but meet other BIM enthusiasts from all over the world and exchange experiences.

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BIM Manager Program

Building Together 2021 - Watch the recordings!

GRAPHISOFT's Building Together 2021 conference for the AEC community took place in the virtual space last week. Watch GRAPHISOFT's Building Together 2021 virtual conference for the AEC community with keynotes, trend talks, testimonials, and roundtable discussions with leading architects, engineers, and scientists from all around the globe.


Topics addressed the most challenging issues architects and engineers face today, such as affordable housing, urban planning, landmark preservation, and the most exciting challenges in algorithmic design, digital transformation, and many more.