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3D on Version 5011

I´ve just updated my Archicad do 5011 version few days ago. Since them my new projects has presented problems to show 3D views. Both in conic and axonometric perspectives. In Axonometrics walls do not appear, roofs also have problems. In conic views,...

Survey follow-up – Door/Window Detail Level

Dear Community,Many of you took part in our recent survey on “Detail Levels of doors and windows on a single drawing”:

BIMcloud licenses and server IP address

Hallo guys,I'm an Italian high school teacher and I use Archicad whit my Design course students.For the first time, my class is collaborating as Teamwork on a project, so we're trying to use BIMcloud as right tool to aquire this knowledge and compete...

Mesh based analysis - simpler geometry ideas?

Hi,We're using MVO and the schematic setting for doors and windows which gives a mesh from the opening hole. This is playing very nice with our Rhin/GH-based analysis wokflow. However we'd need the frame plus the glass. Would this be possible in any ...

Transfer Curtain Wall Custom Panel Properties

How do I transfer the properties from one custom curtain wall panel to another? I have tried making a favorite, adding a panel class from custom, and injecting properties, but none of these work.The dimensions, pens, surfaces and other attributes don...


make Param-O coder-friendly

I want to double click a GDL component in paramO and have the GDL IDE in front of my eyes. I want that the GDL component has as many parameter/variables inputs as I want (currently only 4), each one showing it's name not a "A,B,C,D" mapping that make...

leceta by Expert
  • 2 replies

Wrap GDL in Python

Make python a first-class citizen when it comes to creating geometry (even creating "elements" i.e: wall, slabs in Archicad.) Is hard to understand the design decision of using python for information/documentation management, GDL for creating objects...

leceta by Expert
  • 1 replies

Resolved! student licence

hello. I was a student at University but then i changed my college. Now, i couldn't access my new license. I'm still an architecture student! Please help me. I sent my documents to you for proofing that Im still a student. But nobody returned me. I c...

suozel by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

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