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Release Date...

Any news on a release date of Ecodesigner Star for AC17 (and pricing..!) I was hoping something would be announced at the North American User conference in San Diego last week, I couldn't attend, but heard no announcements. I understand from this pag...

Export to VIP-Energy

Hi! Has anyone successfully exported a model to VIP-energy? Don't seem to work for me. The export creates a *.zip file, witch, if extracted, contains a *.vut file and many others. If i try to import the VUT file into VIP it prompts "Invalid VUT file"...

Structures creation in EcoDesigner Star

S*O*S Having a difficult time determining where Structures are created in EcoDesigner Star. Can not see Internal and Externalities on Structures list Looked at a variety of videos Tried to change parameters of the zones Have updated zones have read v...

Michael by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Problem when exportin gbxml

Hi all, I have a problem when exporting in gbxml to Ecotect. When I open the model in Ecotect, the Windows are in the correct position; the doors are not in the right place. I have the opening in the wall and the door that does not match. As a result...

minox by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Zone Boundaries and EcoDesigner Star

In order to accurately represent foundation and slab conditions I have an insulated stem wall beginning at Project zero and an insulated slab abutting it also at Project zero. Currently the auto-perimeter Zone command returns a zone that is tied to t...

Polygon is degenerated...

Hi, I keep getting this message, when I update my current energy model. What does it mean and which polygons should I look out for to correct? Does this mean that the calculation is interrupted? Hope someone can help! Nina

Ecodesigner Star - Building System settings

Why cant i use the Green systems-settings, detailed settings and Service hot-water generation settings under Building Systems in Ecodesigner Star? It is gray and you cant reach it. Is the functionality not ready yet or have I done something wrong?

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