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ARCHICAD - Lead Architect

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin
ARCHICAD – Navigator
Layouts and subsets – Create
Layouts and subsets – Delete/modify
Master layouts - Create
Master layouts – Delete/modify
Publisher sets – Create
Publisher sets – Delete/modify
Publisher sets – Publish
Issue – Manage
Issue – Modify history
Schedules and indexes – Create
Schedules and indexes – Delete/modify
Set up list schemes – Manage
Story – Create
Story – Delete/modify
View point - Manage
Views and folders – Create
Views and folders – Delete/modify
ARCHICAD – Attributes
Building materials – Create
Building materials – Delete/modify
Cities – Create
Cities – Delete/modify
Composites – Delete
Composites – Delete/modify
Fill types – Create
Fill types – Delete/modify
Layers/layer combinations – Create
Layers/layer combinations – Delete/modify
Line types – Create
Line types – Delete/modify
MEP system – Create
MEP system – Delete/modify
Markup styles – Create
Markup sytles – Delete/modify
Surfaces – Create
Surfaces – Delete/modify
Operation profile – Create
Operation profile – Delete/modify
Pen sets – Create
Pen sets – Delete/modify
Profiles – Create
Profiles – Delete/modify
Renovation override styles – Manage
Zone categories – Create
Zone categories – Delete/modify
Design tool elements
Document tool elements
Grid tool elements
3D Styles - Create
3D Styles – Delete/modify
Element Transfer Settings - Create
Element Transfer Settings – Delete/modify
Favorites - Create
Favorites – Delete/modify
Graphic Overrides – Create
Graphic Overrides – Delete/modify
IFC Translators - Manage
Markup entry - Create
Markup entry – Delete/modify
Model view options – Create
Model view options – Delete/modify
PLN Snapshot – Use computer for creating
Classifications and Properties – Create
Classifications and Properties – Delete/modify
Public find/select criteria – Create
Public find/select criteria sets – Delete/modify
Rendering scene - Create
Rendering scene – Delete/modfy
Renovation filter - Create
Renovation filter – Delete/modify
Change – Create
Change – Delete/modify
Save as DXF/DWG
Save as IFC
Update to later ARCHICAD build
ARCHICAD – Details, info
Project info
Project location
Project notes
Project preferences
Project preview
ARCHICAD – External content
Add-ons setup – Manage
External drawings – Manage
Hotlink/Xref - Manage
Hotlink instances
IFC Project Manager – Manage
Libraries add/remove
Library part – Create
Library part – Delete/modify
Xref instances

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