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Archicad 25 - Professional Rendering

Emoke Csikos

Archicad 25 capability:

Redshift (Maxon): the new "next-gen" rendering engine by Maxon is part of Archicad 25 [SSA only] [AC25 Update]​

Archicad – Twinmotion (Epic Games)  direct link improvements.​

NVIDIA Omniverse Design Collaboration and Simulation Platform for Enterprises – Archicad connection [LARGE]​

OpenGL graphics technology has been replaced with native Metal on macOS.​


Users require easy-to-use, professional rendering quality without waiting, out of the box

Users require easy-to-use, professional rendering quality without waiting.​

High-end client presentations may require top HW. Collaboration with other visualization solutions is a hurdle.​

macOS 3D UX does not use the latest available technology​

User benefit:

The world’s first fully GPU-accelerated renderer is now available as a built-in Archicad tool — no separate purchase, download, or installation required.  Adjust the quality of individual techniques to get the best performance and quality balance for your production.  Complex, advanced shading networks and texturing capabilities, a wide variety of light types, all commonly used camera types, and advanced controls for physical camera effects result in production-quality rendering for your Archicad projects.​ [AC25 Update]​

Quickly and easily showcase visually stunning Archicad projects using the Direct Link for a seamless workflow of the real-time connection between an Archicad and a Twinmotion model.  Make design decisions and edit the model on-the-fly, with all changes made to the Archicad model automatically updated in Twinmotion.

Enjoy virtual collaboration between 3D applications and users on an open standard format thanks to the new NVIDIA Omniverse-Archicad Live Connection.  Advanced multi-GPU ray tracing results in real-time photorealistic visualizations and streaming across devices — get professional rendering results and professional streaming with RTX GPU. 

macOS users can enjoy better user experience when working in 3D views - smooth, responsive navigation, quality display of textures and element edges.​

What's new in Twinmotion 2021?

Twinmotion 2021 comes with several powerful new features to be able to create and present high-end visualizations. It is great for the entire archviz pipeline from first concept to photorealistic images or videos.

So what's new?

  • Phasing in Presenter - Include phasing in Presenter files
Courtesy of Twinmotion
  • Nonrealistic rendering styles - Hidden line, Hidden line shaded, Wood model, Metal model etc.
Courtesy of Twinmotion
  • Megascans in Twinmotion library - Quixel Megascans 3D Assets and Surfaces are integrated into Twimotion
Courtesy of Twinmotion
  • New assets - 140 New assets in the Twinmotion
Courtesy of Twinmotion
  • Twinmotion Importer for Unreal Engine (Early Access) - Import Twinmotion files into the Unreal Editor
Courtesy of Twinmotion
  • Presenter Cloud (Early Access) - Share projects using the cloud-based Twinmotion Presenter service
Courtesy of Twinmotion
  • Tint on vegetation - Change the tint of both trunk and the leaves of vegetation
Courtesy of Twinmotion
  • Improved performance
  • Datasmith Direct Link
  • Lighting Improvements
  • Height maps
  • Adding favorites
  • Optimize VR performance

For more information check the Twinmotion's latest webinar regarding the new features:

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