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How to disable marker&hyperlink of specifics drawing?

Vinicius Lima

Knowing that I should probably, move this post to the wishes, I would give it a try... Here in my office we (and many other architects), put in the layout, a floor-plan, and two cutted seccions showing only the elevation of this floor specifically (as image attached). This complete/full seccion is, of course, in other layout.
So, when the user is navigating thru 3D, and click in one of the seccions blue-spots (markers/hyperlinks) it appears as option to "go-to" to allllllllll floor-plans layout, instead of showing only the layout with the complete/full seccion. That so, if I could disable this cutted-seccions (in Archicad before exporting) of been part of the hyperlinks, it would be much more logical to the BIMx integrated workflow.



- Vinícius Lima - user since Archicad 12
from Brazil
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Karl Ottenstein

For BIMx, can't you just duplicate your entire layout set and delete those sections from the floor plan layouts?  Maybe I'm not understanding.  (There's no reason that the BIMx layouts have to match what you intend to print or save as PDF.)


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Duplicating the layout set, it's a workaround that we will consider, because we will need to keep attention for an entire layout set on revisions, and some manual layout-definitions/settings (Eg.: supervisor validation, or construction authorization) and keep duplicating all new layouts as the documentation grows... For this reason (and as this is a minor issue), I think that what you sugested it is not our case. Like this sessions situation, we have some generic details that we put in some layouts, that it should be nice to not "hyperlink" them too. But thanks anyway, this is what a like most in Community, differents points of view.

- Vinícius Lima - user since Archicad 12
from Brazil
Apple MacBook Pro 16" 2023 | M2 Pro | 16Gb RAM | macOS Ventura 13.5.2

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