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Anyone used eBuilder, Buzzsaw or other ASP project tools?

Anyone have any experience with ASP based project managers? Know any clients or consultants who like one over another? Have you seen BasecampHQ, eProject or similar kinds of things? My interest is naturally more in the AEC area and services like and are good but complex and expensive (I think about US $6500/year). Any info or experience you have would be of great interest to me.
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There is a group in Chile with a very interesting service. The name escapes me at the moment though. I will have to e-mail my friend there to get the info. But it is only in Spanish as I recall.

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If you do a Google search for "ASP Project management" you'll get a lot of finds. One interesting thing that comes up however is that smaller firms who work with many different clients may be asked to use many differing systems. This situation is discussed for example in EC&M (Electrical contracting and Management magazine; ) Although the article is focused on electrical contractors I think it can help direct your attention to issues like the incompatibilities of differing systems as well as who should set up the ASP environment.

By the way, the google search will also bring up lots of "experience based" articles.

Good luck on your search.

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I've used Buzzsaw (my company resells it) and e-Builder and Citadon. Citadon has the most project management features, then e-Builder then Buzzsaw.

You get what you pay for... tho I expect Buzzsaw is easy enough that people will use it. If you have FTP already it offers a bit more in the way of accountability and tracking, but many are unwilling to pay for the extra services.

Rather good effort, albeit locally, is put forward by in the UAE. Worth visiting and checking out!

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I signed on to Buzzsaw when it was free. I couldn't get any of my consultants to download & install the software needed to work with it. So I was back to emailing drawings back & forth, a time consuming process that I now charge big bucks for.

If you have one of the low-cost hosting companies (I use you can easily set up your own ftp server to share project files with your 'partners'. They also make available phpcollab, a web-based project management application which I have not tried yet, but is on my list. If you try it I would like to hear your impressions. Likewise, If you would like help setting up any of this, let me know: .


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