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Archi terra - Contour line settings - confused


Hello, I'm trying to learn ArchiTerra and I'm having some trouble understanding it. I haven't seen this question answered in the (scarce!) documentation that I have found. 


Im trying to add contours to a mesh. The mesh has been converted to an ArchiTerra mesh. When I try to add contours to the mesh then this box appears, and as you can see, the terrain says min 0 max 0, which somehow seems like it makes me unable to set the altitude of the contour at anything else than zero. 


Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 09.10.29.png


Inside my head the logic is that when I have a mesh with four corners set to 0 m in z value, then one should be able to add a contour, then set it to a specified height, and then have the terrain move correspondingly. 


What am I not understanding here? Any tips are appreciated. 




Barry Kelly

Architerra is not a Graphisoft product, so you may or may not get a response here.

You will probably be better of contacting the people who make it - Eptar?

I also see an Architerra 3.0 from Cigraph, but that seems very old - for Archicad version 17.



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i feel Architerra is an outdated plugin. they haven't got any updates in their website. 😅

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards

I could not agree more. For some reason my workplace uses it, so im trying to understand its possibilities. 



I only use ArchiTerra to generate overall site meshes, and occasionally level things. I should probably try out the road feature...


It was updated at the start of the year, with an apparent rewrite, but if anything has changed, I have no clue...


@Martin2000 wrote:

...and as you can see...

Was there suppose to be some image attachment?




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Thanks - I added the image now. 


You say you use ArchiTerra to generate meshes. Do you have any experience with modifying these meshes after ArchiTerra has constructed the mesh? 


My problem now is that I can't figure out how to add a point or contours to an already existing mesh generated from ArchiTerra. 


For instance in the image above I just made a simple rectangular mesh, converted it to an ArchiTerra terra mesh, but it won't let me add contours or points to it, an operation that in my head should be really simple for the program to do. 


*I guess my issue really is that I know how to attach contour lines to a mesh from Archicad, but I don't understand how to attach a point or a contour line to a mesh created in ArchiTerra. 


Your mesh has elevation right? Also, Contour just draws contour lines on an existing mesh as far as I know. You should be able to add new contours to your Architerra mesh as you would on a normal mesh.







AC22-23 AUS 7000
Self-taught, bend it till it breaks.

Win10 | E5620 x 2 | 24GB | K2200 RIP PSU
Win10 | R5 2600 | 16GB | GTX1660

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