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ArchiCAD spatial tree

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Hi everybody,

I am in the project of end of studies in France in a dual course Engineer-Architect. We must use our digital mock-ups for operational purposes. However, the project requires IfcZone to be linked thanks to IfcRelaggregates to IfcBuildingStorey so that they are in the project's spatial tree. Thus, by opening a floor in the IFC, we find the areas, as provided in the IFC4 with IfcSpatialZone (spatial tree where the area includes the room which itself includes the objects).
Revit allows to modify the Ifc assignment of each element, whether it is object or spatial with the export, but I do not find this feature on ArchiCAD for now, I would like to know if it is possible? or that this operation requires more resources or possibly coding?

Best regards,

Pierre Morel

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
In ARCHICAD, elements classified as Spaces (Zones are by default classified as Spaces) are converted to "IfcSpace" IFC Entities.
Additionally, in the IFC Project Manager Dialog, there are IfcZones. You can create IfcZones and add IfcSpaces to them to define larger groups of IfcSpaces:

I see that IFC4 also has IfcSpacialZones, but I don't know how to create those in ARCHICAD.
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Hi guys,

I also asked regarding IfcSpatialZone entity here

I hope there is some light on this topic.


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