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ArchiCAD to AutoCAD trasnfers

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I am having trouble having a good transfer from ArchiCAD 8.1 to AutoCAD. Firstly, the pen colors that I have set up are not coming through into AutoCAD. Secondly, the placement of some of the lines have moved position through the trasnfer. For instance, some of the splines which form the road, have been move or rotated away from where they should be. This is only happening in a few places. Does anyone know how to get a clean transfer?

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It sounds like you need to edit the translator to map the ArchiCAD pens to the ones you want in AutoCAD. The automatic options are limited (as I recall) to matching them by number or by color.

The splines may be a stickier problem. This sounds like a translator error and thus probably require manual inspection and repair. If it is possible to replace the troublesome splines with arcs, that might fix the problem (select the arc tool and space bar click on the spline).

The DWG export is much improved in AC & PM 9, so this may also relieve your trouble if you get the upgrade soon enough.


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