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ArchiTerra - Road Section Base Elevation

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Does anyone know how to alter the base elevation of the Road sections?
(This Attachment)

I have two sections of Driveway that I have "laid-out" with the same z-elevation reference but I also want the base elevations to be equal and "clean" number say 85-feet.
(Attachment in next message) BTW - can you attach two jpgs to one message?

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Fabrizio Diodati
Probably I'm misunderstanding the question (maybe I should take the decision to improve my bad English!!!).
If you want to move the section (in order to align it to the previous one)... simply moce the object!
The section is a simple high parametric library part that can be move like the standard ArchiCAD object.

The first time you generate this longitudinal section, you have to click to position it but you can always change this position by using the standard ArchiCAD tecniques...

But I'm sure I misunderstood what you are asking for...

Fabrizio Diodati

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I will try to explain:

The two Sections are of two separate Driveway sections. The beginning section of the driveway (Driveway 1) is 20-feet wide and was an ending elevation of 111.54-feet. The next section of driveway (Driveway 2) is 34-feet wide and starts at an elevation of 111.54-feet. I have aligned the two sections (moved like standard object) so that they match. The problem is that the Driveway 1 Section has a base elevation of 85.30' and the Driveway 2 Section has a base elevation of 91.86'. This means that the support text in the section detail does not line up. Also how are the base elevations derived?

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