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ArchiTerra - TXT Importing w/ Code information

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When I import the TXT data provided by the surveyor to generate ArchiTerra Points the Code Information (Text that defines the point; i.e. Property corner) does not import. Without this information it is difficult to relate the Architerra land/mesh to the Property lines and consequentially to the proper bearings in positioning the structure on the mesh.

Are those who import TXT Data, importing the data in separate imports. An example would be to edit the original TXT file to have only Property corner information and save this as PC.txt and edit another original TXT file to contain only the Tree location information and save it as Tree.txt This would still be difficult to locate the trees specifically based on the Surveyors codes (i.e. 22F = 22" Fir) since the code info does not import. But at least when the PC.txt info is imported I can define this differently by color and what-not . The same I suppose would be done to create a TXT for the remaining ground shot data to define the topography. All the TXT's would be imported and I suppose with differentiating colors.

Am I better off asking the Surveyor for a DXF?

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My Error
The code information does import correctly. The mesh I was working with a regenerated land/mesh that was created from the exploded original land/mesh. I quess I was in too big of a hurry to elevate the mesh to the "proper" project zero "z" value.

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