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ArchiTerra2 from AC7 to AC81

Miquel Garcia
I have a project with a terrain modeled with ArchiTerra 2.0 under ArchiCAD 7.0. When I try to open it with AC 8.1 I obtain a message saying that ArchiTerra extension is not available (althougt there is). If I try to edit any point I realize that I have lost all the ArchiTerra information.
I have downloaded the updated ArchiTerra version for AC 8.1 so this is not the problem (and I had the same problem with AC 8.0)
Any idea ?
Perhaps Fabrizio?

Thanks !
Capella & Garcia Arquitectura
AC18 - AC21, iMac 27" 3.1 Ghz Intel Core i7, 16GB Ram, OSX 10.13.1

Not applicable
When I import the TXT data provided by the surveyor to generate ArchiTerra Points the Code Information (Text that defines the point; i.e. Property corner) does not import. Without this information it is difficult to relate the Architerra land/mesh to the Property lines and consequentially to the proper bearings in positioning the structure on the mesh.

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