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Architerra vanishing terra

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Here's a new one I ran into.
I create an Architerra mesh with two plateaus, a flat and a horizontal one. When I exit the project and open it again(next morning) the only trace of my mesh are the solids on the AT Operators layer and the plateaus solids ( not as a subtracted volume). Can anyone help out and tell me what is going on? I've already drawn the the mesh three time and i'm pressed for time as I've to hand in my final project.


Fabrizio Diodati
Hi, not so clear what you are asking for...
Anyway I suggest you to send me your PLN file, in this way I will be able to check it and give you an answer.

Fabrizio Diodati

Graphisoft Italy Srl | Via Rossignago 2/A Spinea Venezia 30038 Italy |

phone: +39 041 8943500 | Skype: fabrizio.diodati |


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Hi Fabrizio,

this is what happens.
1 I make an Architerra mesh. Nothing complicated, just a simple four cornered flat mesh.
2 I make two plateaus into the mesh. A flat one and a sloped one.
3 Save and exit Archicad.
4 Open the project. And presto the slopes have disappeared and are replaced by two wireframe volumes. Check the photo

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I don't have Architerra, so I'm just guessing, are those plateaus on a separate layer? If so, maybe that layer is set to show as a wireframe and not solid in the layer settings.

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