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Autocad handles

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We have, for a number of years, been importing drawn information into a Micad FM database using autocad's 'handles' as the key. This key provides a link to give location data such as floor area and also provides the way of linking other information onto a floor plan within Micad.

There is no alternative way to transfer relevant drawn information into Micad.

We have moved the office to ArchiCAD but there is no equivalent to the autocad handle that we can use to create this link with Micad.

We have therefore looked at saving ArchiCAD files as dwg files (and using the handles that are generated by this process) but we have found that if we subsequently amend a drawing and then re-save it as a dwg, the handles are re-generated and we lose consistency. It's equivalent to a room that is given a handle of LB45 being given a handle of XC889 when we re-save it as a dwg. This breaks the link to the Micad data.

Does anyone have any advice about how we could maintain the 'handle' consistency?

Many thanks.

Have you looked into GUIDs?

Best regards.

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