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I am in the process of, and interested in, developing a online knowledge base/community for those who are doing BIM and those who are interested in doing BIM. For any of those who would be interested in something like this if you could please take a look at the following and give me feed back or contact me.

Develop an online community in which any professional in the AEC or related community can join to discuss, assist and encourage the Building Information Modeling movement.


Currently, each different software has its own user group or forums to allow for dialog about procedures and methods of importing and exporting, however, the main problem is not between like software’s but the interconnectivity amongst different software’s. Therefore, I propose developing an online community that provides an environment where people can come together no matter what their discipline or the software they use to gather information and make useful contacts to assist in their effort of project documentation and delivery.

The features would include:

Message Forums
Document Libraries
Polls & Questionnaires
List or Database of Companies doing BIM
Photo Library
On-Line Meeting Rooms
Presentation Theatre
Project Task Manager (Eventually)

This knowledge base would be a place where all disciplines can come together whether its Architect, Engineer, Owner, Developer, Contractor or any other field to discuss problems, solutions and trade information.

This would not be intended to nor would I suggest that it could possibly replace individual user group forums for each of the different software companies but instead it would be a supplement and bridge between Archicad, Revit, Digital Project, Bentley, Navisworks, Etc.

I look forward to getting feedback on this.

Thank you


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but do this forum with the same aim as yours?

I think it would have to be in conjunction with the existing interoperability community. It can be a grass-roots effort, but it would need support from the IAI/IFC to build enough saturation to be useful.

(BuildingSmart... I didn't know they're no longer the IAI?)
Chuck Kottka
Orcutt Winslow
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

ArchiCAD 25 (since 4.5)
Macbook Pro 15" Touchbar OSX 10.15 Core i7 2.9GHz/16GB RAM/Radeon Pro560 4GB

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