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BIM Server Library issue AC18

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Hi....Our office has recently installed the AC18 BIM Server module and we were attempting to upload our libraries to the BIM Server. We kept receiving messages that the Library upload had failed. We are running MACs in our office, most running Yosemite, and did find out that when a new folder is created it creates custom icons which may be causing this failure. As a work around, we created a container with our objects and successfully uploaded that to the BIM Server. The objects are there, we can use them, etc. But we can't refresh, delete, remove or do anything else to the libraries. All the buttons are grayed out and we receive the message "The library is only editable with higher Archicad versions". Has anyone else running Archicad on a Mac platform had these problems when uploading libraries? Thanks for your help.

I encountered this issue as well. On non Yosemite machines. Hoping to see some other posts on this issue.
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As a follow-up to my initial question, we did have success 'rebuilding' some of our libraries. We created new folders for our custom library parts, dragged the parts from old folders into new ones, went through all the parts and changed/deleted any characters that would be considered 'invalid', and we were then able to upload the library to our BIM server.

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I also found this thread which was VERY helpful.

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But there is still a problem.....I am still unable to remove or refresh the Libraries. They are on the BIM Server but they have small, red lock icons on them. The 'path' is empty (which is strange) and the source path at the bottom still reads 'This Library is only editable with higher Archicad versions'. We are running AC18 so I'm not sure what this means.

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Attached is an image of the window:
Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.42.07 AM.png

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