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BIMcloud licenses and server IP address

CAD Teacher Pilla

Hallo guys,

I'm an Italian high school teacher and I use Archicad whit my Design course students.

For the first time, my class is collaborating as Teamwork on a project, so we're trying to use BIMcloud as right tool to aquire this knowledge and competence.

I have a school educative license for all of my lab PC workstations and my personal teaching laptop.

Every one of my students has a personal educative licence for his laptop, obtained from Graphisoft site.

Now we're having some trouble:

- I've downloaded and installed BIMcloud as manager and server, and I want to manage the project in which my students works as professional technicians in an office

- BIMcloud says to me that i have only one licence and when i try to give licence to all user I've create, software answer I haven't enough. How could I solve this? (images 001.jpg ; 002.jpg)

- I found this guide

and consequently this one

but, when I try to invite a user using GSID, there is no right voice on menu (image 003.jpg). How caould I solve this?

- Here my Server IP address questions (I've tried to follow this but I wasn't able to understand everything):

     1) Have I to be on the same LAN to host my students?

     2) Could I be on other part of the world (I mean on internet) to be host? If yes, how? And which one IP have I to use, public or private (public doesn't work 004.jpg, 005.jpg)?

     3) If I'm external from school LAN, have I to create NAT/port forwarding on my router?

     4) Does exists some internet service/server that could host our work easily?


At beginning I've tought that it had been little bit easier to join a teamwork, but now I'm finding a lot of troubles.

Thanks to everyone could help me, I hope teamworking could became an usual competence of my actual and future classes


Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi @CAD Teacher Pilla,

This is great that you would like to work in Teamwork with your students - I'm sure they will enjoy it and you can come up with great designs together!

About your questions, allow me to go through them one by one.

1. Licensing

BIMcloud is the paid production plan of the BIMcloud family where all users must be able to reserve a so called BIMcloud User License. Same applies to BIMcloud as a Service, and the articles you pointed out are discussing options in BIMcloud as a Service. Graphisoft ID licensing is available only in this situation, on-premises BIMcloud does not have this option.


If you would like to use the basic functionality for free, you need to have BIMcloud Basic, where you don't need additional licenses, but a valid Archicad license (can be EDU license too).


2. IP address and networking

BIMcloud Basic can be used only via LAN (BIMcloud Basic and all clients (= all students and you) are on the same network). This can mean that you have a dedicated computer for BIMcloud Basic in the school and whenever students are in school, they can connect from school computers to BIMcloud Basic.


According to our EULA:
"Special Conditions: BIMcloud Basic's usage is limited to local area networks (LAN / VPN). Using BIMcloud Basic over wide area networks (WAN / Internet) is strictly forbidden. BIMcloud Basic can be installed on on-premise hardware only. BIMcloud Basic is not allowed to be installed on / operated from cloud based virtual computers."


(Italian version of EULA is available here.) 


If you wish to access your BIMcloud Basic outside the network, you can use VPN, but for this you will need help from your IT I believe and it might be not that obvious. If you wish to do it on your own hardware, the whole situation is even harder, because you need to configure everything that way that it is available for your students via VPN.


3. Service

I mentioned earlier that we have BIMcloud as a Service, where us, Graphisoft hosts the infrastructure and manages updates, all you need to care about is the user and project management.


This is another paid product plan option, which might be too expensive for you to pay. Since you are working in education, I suggest you to contact our Italian office and discuss the available options with them. I'm sure they will be happy to assist you and you can find the best option to serve your students need for the project.

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Customer Engagement Expert, Community Admin

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