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BIMserver doesn't respond

Paul King
Hi we have a large teamworked project in AC18 v6000 (nearly 3GB in size) that I have lost the ability to interact with remotely. Project is large as includes hot-linked engineer's IFC model of complex structure.

From the remote client I can see and connect to the BIMserver with no problem, and 'Test Connection' works flawlessly.

I can see and select from a list of available projects hosted on BIMserver

When I select a smaller project (500 Mb), I can work normally

When I select the required project , the initial loading progress indicator never gets past stage 1 - even when left for two days uninterrupted. Task manager reports almost no CPU or network activity on the client, so the bottleneck appears to be with BIMserver itself.

Via Bimserver's local physical network, I can load and work with the project without any problem.

I need to be able to work with large projects remotely however, without compromising the info included with the project for local network users (i.e reducing project size, just for my benefit, is not a good option)

Another user is able to connect remotely to the same large project and work without these problems

I am using Windows 10, he is using Windows 7.

I was able to work with this project using windows 10 for a while, but then performance rapidly declined and ground to a halt. As far as I can tell, nothing new had been installed or changed by me on client machine when that happened.

In fact I tried reinstalling Windows 10 from scratch, and reinstalling AC18 only (no other software) in case an OS setting or interference from other software was at fault, but there was no improvement.

I have a fairly fast VDSL internet connection that is normally not at all challenged by teamwork operations, or 3GB file transfers. The client machine is on wired network connection to router/modem

Local and remote users of the project all connect to BIMserver via the same URL, using the company domain.

Is there anything about windows 10 that would prevent the client from getting a response from remote BIMserver on a large project, but not a smaller project?

To some extent Windows 8.1 exhibited poor remote performance under certain teamwork operations with the same large project on same workstation (before I upgraded it to Windows 10) but performance seemed if anything to improve once I had upgraded it to windows 10, before then degrading to now complete non performance - possibly as a function of growing filesize.

What else could cause these symptoms?

Why would filesize trip up BIMserver responsiveness with one remote workstation and not another older, slower one, on comparable internet connection? (system specs in signature below)

What is the solution?
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