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CI Tools AC25

Keen to move across to AC25, we are waiting for Central Innovation to release their CI Tools for AC25: Does anyone know when that might happen? The CI website is totally uninformative…
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No idea regarding CI Tools - however, generally I would not move to the latest version before the first 'update'.

There used to be a page with known issues for Archicad - but low and behold with the redesign I can no longer find it - will post it once I find it again...

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I did contact them directly and timing of Tools for AC25 release date was not given except to say it was in the future. Usually they are ready very close to the new version release date so not sure what is going on.

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Having also contacted Central Innovation, the reply is:


"The Ci Tools are not yet available for Archicad 25 – we are working on them and aim to have them released by the time the first Update for Archicad 25 is ready.
This can be expected around October.
For those whose workflow relies heavily on Ci Tools, we suggest waiting to migrate to Archicad 25 until then."

AC25. Twinmotion.
IMac Pro, OS11


Hmmmm.......first update for AC25 just released.......

AC25. Twinmotion.
IMac Pro, OS11

@PB wrote:

Hmmmm.......first update for AC25 just released.......

They must mean the first 'real' update, which will actually be the second update.

This will hopefully include a couple of new features as well which is maybe what CI is waiting for.



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CI Tools for AC25 released, which is the good news.


Unfortunately for us, the roof coverings applied in AC24 have been messed about considerably: A day lost so far and still searching for solutions to some of the problems...

AC25. Twinmotion.
IMac Pro, OS11

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