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Change IFC Type in wall element Settings



I want to export my Archicad model to ifc.

But all Walls have on the Element Settings Dialog the ifcType IFCBuildingElementProxy assigned. Not IFCWall.

How can I change this?

If I open the model in Revit (which we are using at our department) all other elements, slabs, beams, colums are properly imported, only walls are not.  IFCBuildingElementProxy is the standard IFCType assigned if there is no corresponding object/element type. See picture.

The IFC tranlator settings for walls are IFCWall, so thats correct.

Somebody can help me/knows an answer to this problem?

Thank you in advance

Regards, Till


2021-11-09 15_21_57-Wall Selection Settings.png




Take a look into the classifications mapping. You'll be able to tell walls to be IfcWall.

ifcwall settings.jpg

Felipe Ribeiro Cunha

AC 25, OS X Big Sur

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