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Collaborated files looks different than original + shows different language than I had set up.

Your help will be tremendous to me.

I gave our friend trace my pdf floor plan. I am in US and he's in Ukraine.
All I wanted was black and white floor plan with no furniture/cabs color fills. he did that and sent me a print-screen, looked super clean.
When I received it, it was A HOT MESS. The colors were different, the cabs were filled and the language was Ukraine/azbuka.... so now I have to work with that??

So two things.
1. Why is my archicad file now ukraian ... I only wanted a floor plan, not a whole ukraian setting.
2. Why if we have a same versions of archicad, the version I received looks completely different than he did. I hard that collaboration through archicad is really easy but never I have read that one finish clean floor plan but the other receive colorful one.

I really hope its a glimpse. Is here anyone who can help?

Karl Ottenstein
Hopefully someonehere will give a solution for your file that is easier than what I am imagining...

But, for the future: if you want someone with another copy of ARCHICAD to produce a file for you... regardless of what country version they have ... you really must give them your own template file to start from so that the file attributes - layers, pens, line types, fills, etc etc - will match your standards. You really must share your localized library with them (for Solo or Teamwork) so that you don't end up with library parts that will not work for you (unless they send you a PLA or use the embedded library of course - although even then there can be conflicts with your own localized library).
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