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Condiguring DWG translator

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Hello all!

I think my problem is not uncommon to anyone, but I couldn´t find a post in this forum about it yet.
I have to exchange files with consultants using dwg file format and I´m frustrated in changing the 2D information into 3D elements manually.

I´ve heard of the application Plan 2 Model. Does anyone have experience about it? I guess if I use this kind of application, I´d have to do this process every time the plans have modifications.

I was wondering, if it was possible to configure dwg - translator to make i.e. polylines in specific layer of autocad - file to be converted as fills, and polylines in other layer to be converted as slabs and so on...

My goal would be that I could use the autocad file as X-ref, and they would have also 3D information in it. Is that possible? Also they would update easily.

thank you for your ideas in advance!

T. Saari

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