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Control of Server based Libraries

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Just need some guidance regarding the BIM Server based libraries

- as these are maintained through AC13 (rather than 'BIM Server Manager') is it possible to control who can access these? I tried turning access off using a check box in role settings-refer attached screenshot-but it did not work.
Ideas anyone?

Karl Ottenstein
The add/remove access right that you show relates to adding/removing libraries from the TW project.

To add/remove libraries to/from the BS itself, you have to be a server administrator - separate check markunder User settings than Role selection.
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Karl Ottenstein
Realized I probably misunderstood ... you said "access". Anybody with BS account to access the server can read any of the libraries on the server. No privacy. If you need to segregate libraries to keep some groups from seeing some libraries, you might have to install multiple BIM Servers.

...and I still might be misunderstanding. 😉
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Not applicable
Thanks Karl - I ended up testing stuff till it worked - worth noting is that I had to deselect both server and project admin to deny access to BIM Server Libraries..

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
I think the answer to your question is that any User with Project Administrator role can manage BIM Server Libraries.
This is done in the Manage BIM Server Libraries Dialog in ArchiCAD.
The BIM Server Manager Dialog only displays what BIM Libraries are available on the BIM Server.
There is another trick: if a User is set to be a Server Administrator he will also automatically become a Project Administrator. But you can set him/her to be Project Administrator without also having to be Server Admin.
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Matthew Johnson
Running several project specific libraries on our BIM server (shared between several Teamwork projects) I have to regularly refresh the BIM server libraries to include new/changes parts and textures. The update works fine but for some reason the date shown in the "Last Update:" does not change!


Uploaded: 2009.12.17 16:26:26

Last update: 2009.11.20 04:10:12
(somehow before it was uploaded in the first place! Should show a 2010 date.)

Anyone else getting this?
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Yes. Annoying isn't it!
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