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Controlling Levels when importing ifc from Revit

Karl Griffith
I am working as an architectural consultant to an engineering firm. They are using Revit, so we have been exchanging files via ifc.

When I merge their ifc to my ArchiCAD file, floor levels are duplicated and non-floor levels are added as stories, which throws off the elevations or my architectural elements. I found an earlier post noting that in Revit they can uncheck a box so their levels do not show as stories, and I have asked them to do this. I don't know if they will, however.

Is there a way I can better control my story settings when merging ifcs? I can live with the additional 'false' stories if I have to, but having the elevations of my stories change is really unworkable. Thanks.
ArchiCAD 22

Win 10

Here is the process I use for 1-3 story buildings.

2. Review IFC model stories/levels
3. Identify which stories match yours (if any)
4. Assuming the main story levels are in both models you have something to work with.
5. Re-assign the all the IFC model elements to "live" on the Home stories that relate to your model. You can do this to group selections of similar objects. Make sure to turn "All Relevant Stories..." setting on beams, walls, roofs, etc. to "Home Story only". This will force all the IFC model elements to show up on stories that correlate to your model.
6. Once you have "corrected" the IFC model you can simply publish a module file of the IFC model and then hotlink that module into your model.

In an ideal world you should establish with your team what levels/story heights will be used on the project and make sure everybody plans for that BEFORE model sharing starts. This is an important part of a projects BIM Plan.
matt johnson
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Karl Griffith
Thank you. I have Solo, so can't do the module part, but I think I can use your workflow and merge a cleaned up file to my file.

I am trying to get the engineers to all work from the same levels - haven't succeeded yet. I get separate files for mechanical, electrical, structural and process elements from the same firm, and they don't all use the same reference levels. Should be an easy thing to do.
ArchiCAD 22

Win 10

The Revit guys should only define levels as BuildingStorey which actually are stories. All other levels should not be checked. Otherwise, this messes up IFC transfer.

The further problem is probably that they don't use the same storey heights... E.g. Structural often uses structural slab level and not finished floor level.
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