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Create an expression using a value defined in the materials catalog

Roger C

I'm trying to create a property defined as an expression, using the value of density stored in a material described in building materials dialog box. But I can't find any property of a material in the list of parameters and properties.

¿any solution?
i7 3770K / MSI GS73VR 7RF i7 7700HQ

16 gb

GTX 3060 / GTX 1060

Windows 10

ArchiCAD 25 SPA

You are right, no Density of Building Material is available.
There is only Building Material name you can use defining property expression.

You probably wanted to get weight of element?

Maybe you need to solve it this way: to write very long expression, that will check Building Materials names and match with density, that you need to write manually in this expression code.

Something like (IF Building Material = "name" THEN Density = "...") OR (IF Building Material = "name" THEN Density = "...") - I'm not following exact punctuation of expression, just as an example.

Long expressions are working too. I once wrote this (it detects building material and calculates bricks or blocks quantity):

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