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DWG Conversion Issue

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I am using AC11 and trying to export to dwg through the Publisher. The issue I am having is that some of my objects (which were created by converting dwg block to gdl objects) when exported to a dwg are showing up as one color. I have tried adjusting the settings of the objects in AC but all are set with use objects pen- which is not what is being exported into autocad. The objects are showing up in autocad as blocks on the "0" layer ( which is should be) but it is color cyan. If exploded it still shows up as a bunch of cyan lines. This happens to some of my objects but not all- some do show the correct pens as I have them set and how then are shown in AC. ((EDIT)) I figured out that it is taking on the "symbol line pens" color when exporting and not the objects pens like I have it set in the setting dialog box. I also noticed that is only happens to the objects that are on the interior and exterior elevations- is there something wrong with using gdl objects on elevations? The objects are just a 2D symbol. Anyone know why it is doing this

Second issue- Our office standards for autocad have been that we have multipule layouts in the same dwg file. Orginized so that you can tab through the different layouts by using the model/layout tabs on the bottom of the autocad display. I am finding that archicad doesnt combine sheets into one dwg when converting. Has anyone found away to accomplish this?

Thanks for the help

Thomas Holm
To have full control of pen mapping, always use the Keep Pen Index Number translator, and customize it for your needs.

As for combining sheets the way you want it, I'm not sure, but Archicad's Help menu has quite comprehensive explanations about the available options for DWG translation.

Open the External Content > DXF-DWG Translation Setup dialog, and right-click to get the Help option. Select it. Checkout the Save options.
AC4.1-AC24SWE-25INT; OSX11.5; MP5,1+MBP16,1

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