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DWG Fill translation issues

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Hello all,
I am trying to export a DWG, but when I open the file, I see that many (if not most) of the fills display as dark solid hatches in Autocad. What I would like to see is for those cover fills to display as empty hatches, showing only the outline of the fill.

I am not too familiar with the Translator settings, but I tried to adjust some of those fill settings in the translator, but nothing helped.

I have also tried adjusting the Model View Options of the view set before publishing to DWG, but to no avail. I thought that the "Override Fill Background Color" to Transparent Background would work, but again, it did not.

I am using Archicad 17. Previous projects in AC16 did not give us these problems. We have been trying to use the same Translators from previous projects for consistency.

Any ideas? Has anyone encountered differences in AC17 dwg exports?

Thanks in advance!

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I might add that the fills that I am complaining about are ones that in Archicad are "25%" fill, for example. Other hatches, like a brick paver hatch, are displaying properly as brick pavers once exported to Autocad.

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bump. Just refreshing.

Has anyone run into these problems?

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