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DWG Xref - problem!

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Hello everybody,
I have problem with dwg xref files in ArchiCad 9 build 2219. I'm working now with a big industrial project where xref management is very usefully. I don't understand some ArchiCad's xref dependences. I'm working with metric units and for example, when I attach first xref Geo (map) files - all is working fine! (Geo files are correct oriented to global 0,0 start point, xref drawing units are good converted). When I open ArchiCad project first and next I try attach same xref file i get a problem. The file is offset to global 0,0 start point x2 - for example no 10 meter for x axis, and 10 meter for y axis but 20 and 20 for both.

Another problem is ArchiCad to DWG export units. For example - when I saving dwg file from ArchiCad I define 1 meter units in translator. But when I try attach this file to AutoCAD (ACAD) project, I get information that unit in this file is no 1 meter but 1 inch - is it possible?


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