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Don't model your existing context, photograph it!

I love the TED lectures. Always thought provoking. But this one blew my mind. Hang in there to the 4.00 minute mark.

Lately I've been noticing that a lot of work is being done on interpreting multiple (and even single) raster images to glean 3D data. What I had not thought about is the networked and social implications of this technology. As the video shows, they are shockingly vast.

I also liked the BMW ad at the end.
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Aaron Bourgoin
Wow. Thank you for posting this one. We don't spend enough time here thinking about the future as it relates to architecture in the present.

The observation about our collective memory certainly resonates loudly.
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David Pacifico
Reminds me a bit of the PhotoCAD product by Abvent, but networked to anyones photos.

maybe the virtual world is flat
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