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Export Translator Settings

I want to share a DWG export translator with a colleague. Can't figure out how to export the settings. Note this is not the IFC translator.
Thomas Allan Palmer
Architect AIBC MRAIC
ArchiCAD 24 MacBook Pro
Mac OS Catalina 10.15.6

Aaron Bourgoin
The translators are stored in the MacOS system Library. You have to find the translator and then direct your colleague to store it in the same location on their workstation.
Think Like a Spec Writer
AC23-3003 USA / AC24-4018 USA
Rhino 7 Mac
OSX 10.14.6 & 11.3.1

Barry Kelly
In the DXF-DWG translator setup dialogue, when you select a translator you will see its location.
As far as I know it could be in a shared network location, but I have mine in my office library.

Once you know the location you can send that file to your colleague and they can place it somewher they can access it.
They will need to use the 'Browse' button to add that translator to their list.

I am not sure if you place the XML file in the default user file location (see the default translators 01..., 02..., 03... 04... for location), whether they will load automatically when you next start Archicad, or whether you still need to browse for the file to ad it to the list.


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Barry / Aaron,

Thanks for your replies.

Just thought there was an export option like saving out lists, schedules, etc.

Thomas Allan Palmer
Architect AIBC MRAIC
ArchiCAD 24 MacBook Pro
Mac OS Catalina 10.15.6

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