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Exporting Archicad drawings to Autocad - urgent help needed

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I am a new Archicad user and still in the process of discovering all the things I can do in archicad. I was trying to export my drawings to autocad for further editing and I had some issues.

These are the settings that I used. This is the settings that I found posted by a user.....on another forum

- Save as: = whatever version you need.
- Save layout into: = Paper space with full drawing's content
- Place drawings into: = Linked xref drawings ** this option will create a 'layout' and a linked file containing the 'model' data. Use the 'model' file if you need to do any further editing in AutoCAD. Alternatively you can use the 'single file' option and bundle everything up into a single DWG. Experiment with the two options and see what happens.
- Saving floor plan: = Explode complex archicad elements
- Save zones as: = Stamp only

Attribute options:
- Create layers according to: = ArchiCAD layers
- Save elements on: = visible layers only
- Set all Elements Colors and Lineweights to "BYLAYER" ** This makes it a little easier for autocad users (particularly consultants) to adjust penweights. It may result in some lineweights changing slightly.
- Do not export ArchiCAD penweights: = ticked

the drawings does get get exported quite seemlessly other than one issue that I seem to have. The biggest one being, I have some invisible lines present in my wall layer which overlaps the wall lines. This makes some parts of the wall line invisible. Is there some settings that I need to change?

The other thing is, all my GDL objects is getting saved as different blocks in autocad though its the same GDL object.

My design review is in a week and I would be so grateful if I could find a solution to theses issues.

Thanks in advance


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