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Exporting to ECOTECT

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We are using the GBXML plugin to export to ECOTECT v5.5

Has anybody been able to make this work?? We make the zones, export to gbXML and then import the xml file to Ecotect but it just comes up with a box asking for Import xml data but the box is empty
The only button there is is the Parse button.

Another odd thing, when we save the file in AC10 the computer makes a beep sound but not from the external speakers, from the onboard speaker. It does this with two different computers.


Aaron Bourgoin

Would you please ask the good folks at Ecotect when they're really going to release the IFC Export capability for the product. I've posted a question at their forum and it remains unanswered.

gbXML is not robust enough to do the job I think.

I've got a number of clients on this side of the pond who will dive right into ECOTECT as soon as the OFC tools are ready.
Think Like a Spec Writer

AC24-7006 / USA AC25-5010 USA

Rhino 7 Mac

MacOS 11.6.5

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