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Expression - Length Sum in Schedule

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I want to round up length dimension of facade panels. However, when I use Length property in Schedule it is automatically summed up across elements. So if I have 8 elements 1,0m it shows 8m. It's a very nice feature but not in the case when I want to show the only dimension of an entity. Is there any not to sum up values ?

I have tried several conversions to the number or to string but nothing worked.

Barry Kelly
If you mean you want to list the items individually, then make sure the 'Merge uniform items' option in not ticked in the schedule settings.
You can then still sum a total of the list.


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Barry wrote:
If you mean you want to list the items individually
Thanks, Barry. I know this function. However, I would like to do a summation of different types. The thing is I want to eat the cake and still have one.

For example in the panel schedule, I would like to show a count of each type with a width of the single element.
I would like the rouned length to behave like an original parameter of width so it shows the value of a single element.

I attach a simple example. I would like to count elements by its width.
In the first column from left, you have the width of an element. There are rounded automatically by AC so they have value 112 in Schedule but really they have values like 112,5; 112,1 etc. so they don't merge in type.

In the second same parameter but rounded up with property expression.
What when you click on element prop it shows value of single element (scr 2).

I would like to achieve situation on scr3 where I merge elements according to rounded width.

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