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Format Wizard - Manual List Schemes (bug)

In Archicad 17 (and other versions too) when you want to create custom

list scheme, when you start FORMAT WIZARD, Archicad is not able to save

custom layouts with PLN file. You are able to edit your custom layout via

FORMAT WIZARD as long as you don't turn off Archicad. No matter how

you save it...your custom lists will be lost from FORMAT WIZARD when you

close archicad...(try it)

Is there any way, some special work around to save list and to be able to

edit it after saving and exiting archicad.

I spent days trying to figure out how this graphic wizard works...After i

finally get it...i realise that i can't edit "tomorrow" my lists via graphic

wizard, only manually via text editor because AC can't edit external lists

(i don't understand why)

Q9550 QuadCore
GTX 580 3 GB
2X Dell U2412M

archicad - program with 2 much workarounds

list schemes are saved in your library and not in the pln-file. So you can either get (write/change) access to your library Folder, which usually is inside the program files folder (as normal user you have restricted access) or you drag at least the 'list elements' folder outside the program files folder and add it in the library Manager.
Bernhard Binder
A-NULL Bausoftware GmbH
Graphisoft Center Vienna

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