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Ganged Window Scheduling ArchiCAD 18

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Hey all,

Running into an issue where I've ganged multiple windows together and now want to have it scheduled as one opening (there wasn't a library part for what I specifically designed and not advanced enough to create one yet - the office as a whole is just now getting into the BIM aspects of ArchiCAD). Right now the schedule is reading the windows separately, but is there any way to get ArchiCAD to read the entire window assembly as a single line item/entity? Or should I just do an empty opening the full size of the opening, have it read that, and annotate/draw it?

Thanks in advance!

Karl Ottenstein
If you want proper 2D elevation views, dimensions, glazing areas, etc in your schedule, there is no way to schedule ganged windows as a single unit. You need to use a single library part that mulls the windows together in that case. There are a few standard MU (multiunit) library parts that give you some configuration options - but not with all operation types/configurations.

When I needed to assemble a complex mulled window that would be built in the factory as laid out - I had to buy Cadimage Door/Window Builder, as nothing in the standard library allowed for the complexity that I needed. My schedule elevations matched the factory configuration listing.

If your ganged windows are actually individual windows that are ganged on site, then they should be scheduled as individual windows of course.

Can you post an image of what your ganged windows should look like, and then perhaps someone here can point you to a standard library part that can be configured to be close to what you're looking for?
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You could give each unit the same window ID number (e.g. W01) as long as they are part of the same mulled configuration. So two ganged windows might both be called W01, but then the next individual windows would be W02, W03 etc.

Then check the "show headline" box in your schedule, and it will list each of the W01 windows below that headline. Or check "merge uniform items" to collapse all of the W01 windows into one listing (if they are the same size). In that case, you can add a quantity field.

The catch is that you cannot rely on the schedule to kick out a total opening size for the ganged configuration.

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