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Hardware Compatability

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Currently we are updating our workstations. I am working with a Dell Precision PWS690 Intel (R) Xeon (TM) CPU 3.00GHz 2.99 GHz, 3.00GB of RAM, Quadro NVS 285, 256MB graphics card and running Windows XP. The problems we are running into is in regards to Teamwork and our models running very slow and shutting down 5 times or more a day. This is a 10 man firm running on a middle line Windows server. All machines are not as described above, most are using only the basic requirements. Our work consists of 500,000 sq ft of retail and large sites. We are discussing wether the issues lie with the server we have the PC's and if we should look at going to a Mac. The major issue at this junction is Teamwork not functioning the way we would like. I have not used a Mac, how does teamwork handle large projects? Any information and guidance is appreciated. Thanks

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FWIW: I have seen fewer problems with Macs than with PCs, both in terms of networking and in the workstations themselves. Now that Macs are also top shelf Intel machines that also run Windows and cost less than the equivalent Dell hardware, I don't see much reason to buy anything else.

A few things I'm curious about:
1) What version of Archicad are you on?
2) How big is the PLP file?
3) How is Teamwork not functioning as you would like? Do you just mean that the files are crashing?

I have not heard of any differences in Teamwork between Mac and Windows. The largest I have dealt with was about a 200 MB PLP. Aside from the obvious time it takes to save such a huge file, the performance was fine.... and that was on Archicad 8.1 with the first generation G5 Apple machines. It's only gotten better as we moved to new Archicad versions and hardware.
Tom Waltz

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1. AC10
2. 31MB
3. Files are crashing at log in and log out

This is a small file size compared to other files that we work on. We do have files that are in that 200MB range.

Erika Epstein
I don't know if this applies, but earlier this year I bought a dell workstation sim to what you have. It was defective. It kept shutting itself down. So did the 2 replacements. All were returned. They were able to get the last one running ok after replacing several defective parts, but I'd had enough of such shoddy machinery.

As I said, it may not apply. I've had a number of delll dimensions over the years which have been fine.
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