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Help: Greek Fonts - AutoCAD 14 <-> ArchiCAD

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Hello, I'm using AutoCAD 14 and my partner is using AutoCAD 2000 and ArchiCAD 8.
Each time we exchange drawings there is a problem with the greek letters in the file.
If he exports a DWG file - in AutoCAD 14 I see the greek letters substituted with latin letters.
If I give him a DWG file he sees question marks in ArchiCAD.
If he opens the drawings in AutoCAD 2000 - there is no problem - both his DWG
and mine DWG files are ok there.
He is using a DWG template file that I made with AutoCAD 14.
What else should we do to make a translation between ArchiCAD and AutoCAD 14 work?
Thank you.

Vic wrote:
What else should we do to make a translation between ArchiCAD and AutoCAD 14 work?
Not much, aside from upgrading to 2000 which AFAIK is not possible any more. Or you might consider ArchiCAD?

Can he save the DWG from AutoCAD 2000 into 14 format and preserve the fonts? Not just save, eTransmit, saving all the related files? That should work?

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Thank you for the reply Djordje!
Unfortunately at this moment an upgrade is not possible.

He is saving the file from ArchiCAD in DWG, then opens it in AutoCAD 2002 [small correction - not 2000], there he uses the 'Save as' option from File menu, and in the window he selects AutoCAD 14.
The file opens on my computer in AutoCAD 14 with a message about proxy elements missing, but everything seems ok - only the greek letters appear substituted with latin.

Could you tell me what is the other way you mentioned to save the file from AutoCAD 2002 in AutoCAD 14 format?

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