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Hotlink not showing Pdf´s

Thomas Nymann



If I Drag a pdf inot my AC project 1 - And the hotlink this project into my AC project 2 - then the pdf will not appear in project 2.  I´ve tried to store the pdf in the project, and unbreak the link via Drawing Manager, but none of these adjustment will make it appear in my project 2 (Host Project)


If I "Explode Into Current View" then of course all the newly created 2d elements will show in my Host project.


Any workaround for this situation, or what did I miss?




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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

I don't think there is a workaround. There are certain types of things in files that will not come through when the file is hotlinked. For example, no Section/Elevation/Interior Elevation/Detail/Worksheet/3D Document content comes through. Layouts do not come through either. Drawings and their content is another type of data that does not come through by design, I suppose.

If I want to speculate why I would say it may be because of all these are dependent data. Any 2D drawing or 3D modeling element you place on the Floor Plan is not dependent on anything else to generate their 2D and 3D representations. But all the above are things that contain and display data that is dependent on and generated from something else (the Floor Plan Viewpoint, a View, a View in another file, an external PDF or image file, etc.). Consider the complexity of placing a Hotlinked Module, where the source file of the Hotlinked Module contains a placed Drawing, and the source of that Drawing is a View in another Project File. Huge technological complexities involved here.

But all this is speculation on my part.

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