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How does saving a file with Archicad 25 affect compatibility with Archicad 24?


A version of Archicad 24 that is compatible with macOS 12 is not due until February. Archicad 25 on the other hand is available now and is compatible with macOS 12.  That makes it tempting to upgrade to macOS 12 and start using AC 25, but I am a bit weary of how this might affect others on my projects that are still on AC24, seeing that Graphisoft has this big fat warning on the macOS 12 page:


Our advice is to postpone the upgrade to macOS 12 Monterey if you currently have any business-critical project(s) ongoing until the release of the fully compatible Archicad versions.


Does this imply that saving a file in AC 25 might affect backwards compatibility, thus affecting my coworkers in a bad way? February is quite some time away, regarding macOS 12 was released in October.


Barry Kelly

If you save your files in 25, then you co-workers using 24 will not be able to open them.

You will have to save back as version 24.

What is the point of doing that?

Just keep working on 24 until you can all upgrade (and hence don't upgrade to macOS 12.


When ever you have to save back, you will lose new features you have used that didn't exist in the previous versions.

Makes no sense to do that if you are going to lose your work  when you back save - just keep going in the old version.

For example if you label zones in 25 and save back to 24, there will be no zone labels - at least not associated.

You will have to re-establish the old zone stamps in plan.

And in sections the labels will simply no longer work as they do in 25.


Just be aware there are problems with 25 in Monterey still as well.


I think I'd stick with 24 for now if I was on a Mac.



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Thanks for the reminder about breaking AC 24. Must have been late 🙂 After the latest fixes on Nov 30, there are just two (minor) issues known to the latest (400x) build of AC 25, so I do not see any real issues going against upgrading, if all other coworkers do as well?

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