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How to add expression-defined properties to component schedules?

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Hey guys! I need to create a component schedule listing all of the materials in my project and some custom parameters that I created to evaluate sustainability. Simple value parameters I can add without any trouble, but when I try to add an expression-defined property to the schedule, instead of numbers I only see an error "--". When I use the same expression-defined property in an element schedule it always works just fine.
Any idea on how I can solve this?
Thanks a lot!

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
I think Expression-based Properties will not return values in Component Schedules and Surface Schedules because Properties are assigned to entire Elements, so they are relevant only for the entire Element, and not its Components (which are sub-elements) or Surfaces.
If someone knows better, please correct me.
Laszlo Nagy, Lead Moderator, Community Admin
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AFAIK: Laszio is correct

Expressions are not used in components unless they are set to custom value which would be the same as using a property. The Classification still must be set properly

You can assign properties to Building Materials and. assuming the classifications are set correctly, they will show up in the Components schedule only if that element has that BM. BM's, also, can not use expressions.
A extremely limited feature that ,hopefully, will be expanded in the future?

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That is a very limited function of such a vast data scheme. Assigning cost vales to elements is not a stable way to perform quantity cost take-offs. I'm getting tired of trying.



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