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I can't see my attached Xref on Worksheet

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I'm new to ArchiCAD and I'm following this video, with same dwg for external reference downloaded from here, but when I attach it, the Xref's drawing does not appear at all. I tried by drawing another dwg myself with an Educational AUTOCAD 2020 and attach it too, but it doesn't work either. It seems I can't see any Xref I try to work with my ArchiCAD.

Only difference from links is that I'm using an ArchiCAD 23 BRA.

Hello Max,

Do you do a right clic and select "OK" after importing your dwg ?
Do you activate all your layers ?
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Lukas Zeleny
DWG import is different in archicad 23. It imports elements as "new" in renovation status. So you have to change renovation filter to see them.

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